• Crater Rim camp siteA narrow edge... volcano caldera to one side, and the steep slope up which you climbed to the other
  • Beginning the climbPassing through rolling grasslands on the very lower slopes of Mount Rinjani
  • Lower slopes... passing through the cloud lineThis is where the climbing starts to get harder.
  • Crater RimCamping here for the night.... just above the cloud line
  • Crater LakeCrater Lake is over 200 metres deep... you can swim and fish here!
  • The final climb to the summitSteep volcanic scree and ash make the climb hard, but the summit is within sight
  • Professional mountain guides are here to helpWhen you feel that you can't make it, your mountain guide will offer encouragement and show you the way
  • Crater Lake at sunriseCamping alongside the lake is an amazing experience
  • Almost there!With sunrise coming, you can see the awesome shadow of Rinjani off into the distance
  • Baby RinjaniA new caldera is forming within Mount Rinjani... still active today!
  • Very close now!This is the hardest section of the climb... just 300 metres to go!
  • The summit of Mount RinjaniYou made it! Looking deep into the caldera of Mount Rinjani
  • Relax and take it all inThe 360 degree panorama is just beautiful
  • Rinjani CalderaYou are so high you can see clouds forming around the Crater Rim far below you
  • The edge of the craterThat ridge is what you have just walked across to get to the summit
  • Heading down for breakfastHaving made it to the summit, it is back to the Crater Rim camp site for a full breakfast
  • Crater Rim camp site off in the distanceSpectacular views back to the camp site perched on the Crater Rim of Mount Rinjani
  • Voclanic remnants of a past RinjaniThe most recent eruption of Mount Rinjani reshaped the entire caldera

About our porters and guides

We choose only the best and most experienced porters and mountain guides

The level of fitness required to climb Mount Rinjani week after week is extreme. Carrying between 20 and 25 kilograms each, the porters make the climb look easy, often walking off ahead of the trek group so that lunch is ready on arrival at the next stop, and the camp site well established and hot food ready to be served on arrival. Our porters are selected from local men who exhibit the necessary traits of endurance, physical fitness and the right attitude.  Above all, they must have a happy disposition ! The village of Senaru is located on the very northern slopes of Mount Rinjani, and is mostly an agricultural community, where crops are cultivated on terraced fields carved out of the lower slopes of Mount Rinjani. The people in this area are almost 100% Muslim by religion, but for many, their faith is interspersed with animist beliefs which involve the spirits of the land, the animals of the area and of course Mount Rinjani itself.  Lombok is known as the “island of 1,000 mosques”, and for good reason, it seems that there is a mosque at every corner. Without doubt, being a porter requires a certain amount of mental strength.  Often, if you look into the eyes of the porters on the steep sections of the climb, they have a far-away look, as if they are not even aware of what they are doing.  Many swing the arm not being used to hold the load, in a exaggerated rhythm as if they are marching, to which their feet move in regular procession. On arrival at the next stop, the porters cannot rest, they need to move quickly to prepare the camp for guests who will be arriving shortly, then repack everything, and move on ahead to the next resting point. As you get to see the commitment all of our porters have, a guests often build a new respect for their difficult work-life.
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